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The breed standard

Type should not be sacrificed for size, nor size for type.

Adult males exhibit a course characterized by an enlargement of the head that makes the ears appear

smaller and lower.
The Maine Coon is a long-lived breed and this should be taken into account in judgment.

Head :

In length as in width, the head is of average size with high and prominent cheekbones. In profile,

the line of the nose forms a slight concave curve without a stop. A slight bump is allowed on the tip of the nose.

Muzzle :

Angular, the e muzzle seen from the front is square. In profile, it may appear rectangular and is never pointed or narrow.

The nose, lips and tip of the chin are aligned on the same vertical, reinforcing the “square” impression of the muzzle. The chin is firm and strong. The balance of proportions between the head and the length of the muzzle is essential.

Eyes :

Large, slightly oval and well spaced apart, the eyes are set at an angle but may appear round when the cat is attentive. All shades of green, gold, copper or yellow are accepted with no relation between eye color and coat color. Blue or odd eyes are accepted in white cats.

Ears :

Large, broad at the base, set high on the head, the ears are separated from each other by a space equivalent to the width of the base of an ear. Moderately pointed, they are very slightly tilted outwards. They are well supplied and lynx tips are desirable.

Neckline :

Medium in size, the neckline is well muscled.

Body : Long and substantial in size, the body is of medium to large size, well muscled, with a broad chest. Rectangular in shape, it must not show any exaggeration which would harm the general balance.

Legs :

Strong, with strong musculature and substantial bone structure, the legs are moderately high, which reinforces the rectangular appearance of the body. The chest is wide between the front legs.

Feet :

Large and round, with five toes on the front and four on the back, the feet show a lot of interdigital hairiness.

Tail :

Long, the tail should ideally reach the base of the scapula. Wide at the base, it is particularly well supplied with long hairs which form flexible locks and ends in a point.

Coat and Texture :

Short and irregular on the shoulders, the fur gradually elongates on the sides to reach full length on the stomach and panties. Sought after under the throat, the collar does not extend over the chest. The texture is silky while having hold and falls naturally on either side of the body. The undercoat is fine.
The length of the coat and the density of the undercoat vary with the seasons and a significantly shorter coat in summer should not be penalized in judgment.

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