Breeding Conventions


The kitten joined his new family at the age of three months. It is weaned, clean, wormed and identified by microchip.
The buyer is committed to being the guarantor of the health and well-being of the new kitten. The kitten should be fed with quality food and clean water, food and water should be left available anytime, litter cleaned daily. At the first sign of ill health the cat must be brought to the vet for a checkup. The kitten must receive love and care daily. It must be properly vaccinated, wormed throughout his life.
Booking contract:
The sale is subject to a reservation contract. The booking of the kitten is effective upon payment of a deposit by bank transfer.
Contract of sale of a Maine Coon cat :

On departure day the kitten will be delivered to the buyer:

   -  the final sale contract and the invoice,

    - the kitten ID card,

   -  the pedigree LOOF (or failing that, upon receipt by the breeder)

   -  the kitten's health record,

   -  a copy of the parent tests,

   -  a "kitten kit"

Payment :

Payment can be done in 1 or 2 free installments as provided upon signing of the booking contract.

Payments are made by bank transfer.
The buyer becomes the owner of the animal after full payment.
The selling price is fixed according to the morphology of the kitten, it is for the company or for breeding.
If the purchaser wishes sterilization kitten, it will be made after full payment of the kitten.
Unless otherwise agreed, the kitten is to take to the cattery, except prior agreement