For a long time, cats share our lives and  part of our lives. The Latigun cattery is located in France in the Regional Park of

Haut Languedoc (Department 81), Midi Pyrenees.
The Maine coon cat is an unique, intelligent, sensitive, gentle, kind, affectionate, loves cuddles.
We ensure their well-being and health. Each room is equipped for comfort and is fully secured by railings.
To protect these people against fire: a fire extinguisher outside and smoke detectors inside.
Ventilation provides always clean.
They have cat trees, chairs, furniture on which they can climb.

They can sit on the porch in the sun or in the shade, sleep or play as they please.

They can also walk to the covered terrace, sunbathe, sleep or play at their leisure.




Our breeding cats are all tested N / N: HCM-A, SMA, PKD. PKDef

The samples are taken by our veterinarian, tests are carried out by the Antagène laboratory.
Our breeding cats have been carefully selected for their bloodlines. They are all from French or Foreign reputable catteries.

We find the pedigrees of  Champions, International Champions and Grand Champion of the World (WW: World Winner).

A big thank you for their confidence to : Andrea, Christiana, Katharina, Magali, Maria, Tatyana, Veronica.

Our cattery is located in the Tarn (81) Midi Pyrenees, in the southwest of France 100 kilometers from Toulouse (31), Beziers (34)

or Millau (12).

Our cattery is registered in the Official Book of affixes under number 20773

Certificat de capacité n° 398721

N° siret : 819 789 090

Cattery TICA Member's World.